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Choosing the Perfect Akoya Pearls: Understanding the Essence of Beauty

What kind of Akoya pearls are good?

I believe that some people who include Akoya pearls in their shopping options do not know how to choose them.

When I meet with customers on a daily basis, many of them say, “I want pearls, but I don’t know how to choose them.”

I want to surface your pearl hopes.

There are six elements that make up the beauty of pearls.

  • Brilliance
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Size
  • Nacre thickness
  • Wounds

Of these, the essential qualities of pearls are brilliance, nacre thickness, and Wounds.

Aside from the above essential pearl qualities, it is the shape, size and color that is a personal preference.

Sounds very complicated, doesn’t it?

The essences of pearls are…

  • Brilliance
  • Nacre thickness
  • Wounds

Personal values and preferences that have nothing to do with the essence of pearls are…

  • Shape
  • Color
  • Size

As a very simple example. . .

A large, rare pearl that lacks brilliance is of not good quality.

Even if the pearl is small, if it shines strongly, the quality of the pearl is high.

Even if the shape is not round, if the nacre is thick, the quality of the pearl is high.

These six elements are correlated to determine the price of pearls.

I will let you know how to choose my recommended pearls.

Make shine and nacre thickness a top priority.

For Three pearls in the picture. The order of strong shine is 1, 2, 3 from the left. The difference appears in the sharpness of the image reflected on the surface of the pearl.

And I will make concessions even if there are a few more wounds. We can’t see the little wounds on the pearl a little further away.

Choosing pearls with a few more wounds will reduce the price of the pearl. Opt for pearls with greater brilliance and thicker nacre instead of lower prices. Wounds are hard to see from a distance, but you can see the brilliance even from a distance. I want to cherish the brilliance of pearls the most.

Organize your values, preferences and the essence of pearls. Then adjust the price on lower priority factors to get closer to your budget.

Did these explanations make sense to you?

I find this confusing even if I’m describing it myself. However, as the concept of this shop, I will properly explain the good points and bad points of pearls. I wouldn’t say that all the pearls in this shop are the best.

I also sell pearls on Etsy.com. This is an email exchange with a client.

“The rank of this pearl of yours is C class, isn’t it?”

“That’s right. Well estimated, it’s not C+, B rank.”

“Oh, that’s strange. Your pearls are prettier than the 5A pearls I bought at another store.”

“I’ve never heard of a ranking system like 5A.”

It was a reply from a customer who purchased my pearl and received it.

What this means is that different sellers assess pearls differently.

This is a big problem for pearl buyers. In order to prevent this from happening, I would like to use the six elements that make up the beauty of pearls and try to explain them in an easy-to-understand manner for customers. I also have the same opinion as the Japan Pearl Promotion Association about these six definitions. The Japan Pearl Promotion Association warns against blind faith in certification by consumers regarding certification issued by private companies. I also have a certain amount of apprehension about the slightly prejudiced method of discriminating the essence and value of pearls by discriminating groups.

This site avoids biased pearl ratings and strives to be as fair as possible. And I hope that one day, when you buy pearls from any jewelry store, you will remember my advice and make a successful pearl purchase.

As a member of a company that operates a pearl farm and as an Akoya pearl lover, I will provide information that will help you learn about pearls. 

Thank you.