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Akoya Ring
Akoya Ring

Akoya Ring


A handmade sterling silver ring, akoya natural seawater pearl, 6mm and 5mm size pearl, not dyed, Ring Size 5.25(US), Size K(UK), from Japan.

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This is a 925 silver ring that I crafted from scratch. It’s my first attempt at metalworking, and I’m thrilled to have completed this piece. I started with a silver rod, shaping it into a circular form and soldering it to create a seamless loop. Then, I diligently polished it until it shone brightly. To adorn it with two lovely pearls, I also soldered a core onto the ring. It was a challenging process, and it took me several months of studying metalworking and seeking advice from a local jewelry tools store every three days.

Admittedly, there are many similar rings available commercially. In the past, I’ve made several products using pre-made findings. However, the pearls I work with come from the pearl farm owned by the company I work for. I know the lives, thoughts, and efforts of the people involved in cultivating these pearls. For me, these pearls are not just materials; they are the result of collective efforts within the company. With that in mind, about a year ago, I developed a desire to create the fittings myself. Making something from scratch is a gratifying endeavor. In a company setting, it’s common to work in alignment with the company’s desires, and fully expressing oneself may not always be encouraged. Using pre-made findings and completing assigned tasks share some similarities; both offer a sense of security. However, originality might be compromised in the process of using pre-made findings, and completing assigned tasks might not fully reflect one’s own ideas since others could do the same.

Making my own fittings might involve listening closely to my true voice. Even in simple metalworking, one requires various tools. Using a gas torch, polishing diligently, and hammering until a ring takes shape can be considered a tedious process, depending on how one perceives it. Yet, I find great happiness in this work. In a world where convenience is prioritized, pre-made products cater to almost everything. Completing assigned tasks is essential in jobs. Amidst such a context, having the freedom to do things as I envision seemed like a distant dream. However, I’m just beginning my journey in metalworking. There are many skills I need to master through extensive practice. I aspire to make my beautiful pearls shine even brighter and create comfortable fittings for them.