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Pearl Discussions: Rising Trends, Individuality, and Dreams of Metallic Pearls

Despite the limited traffic on my site, there has been a sudden and significant increase in visitors recently. Upon investigation, I discovered it was due to this site: https://www.pricescope.com/community/threads/help-find-a-strand-of-super-lustrous-baroque-akoyas.280809/. Reading through, I was surprised to find discussions about my necklace.

T-Pearls were also mentioned, adding to my amazement. The participants showcased remarkable insight.

I work for a company that owns a pearl cultivation farm, providing me with a relatively advantageous position to purchase pearls. On the other hand, T-Pearls sources pearls indirectly, either through auctions or another channel, creating a price gap between us. I plan to discuss this with T-Pearls during an upcoming dinner.

Regarding the necklace’s thread, my personal preference is for blue pearls to be complemented by blue thread. If the pearls are white, then white or blue thread would suit. I instinctively chose silver thread for my necklace based on a past customer’s request. I have used threads of various colors based on customer preferences.

However, I have received comments like, “Your sense of using colored thread is questionable” and “The pearls are beautiful; stop using colored threads and All-knot.” These are purely matters of personal preference, much like the divisive Japanese dish, natto.

Most importantly, I was deeply moved a few years ago when I saw a necklace All-knotted with blue thread on social media. Until then, I associated pearl necklaces with formality and stiffness. However, the necklace with blue thread gave a casual, princess-like impression—beautiful yet casual and pop. Despite my clumsiness, I dedicatedly practiced and mastered the All-knot technique.

From all this, the thread’s color is not an issue. I can change it to your preferred color. I can also create a necklace without All-knot if that’s your preference. Your desires are paramount; the pearls and their crafting come second.

Yes, I selected from 30,000 pearls, and their brilliance surpasses all levels. As you may know, pearl prices continue to rise as of November 2023.

If you have the flexibility, waiting a year to observe and purchase pearls might be a wise choice. Historical trends show a three-year rise followed by ten years of decline in pearl markets. The cause of this current surge is still unclear—whether it’s inflation due to fiscal measures during the COVID era, war, depreciation of the yen, pearl scarcity due to mass Akoya oyster deaths, or the overwhelming purchasing power of Chinese buyers.

I’m genuinely delighted that my necklace has become a topic of discussion. Positive or negative feedback is equally valuable as a learning experience. I, too, love pearls and aspire to continue pursuing the dream of metallic pearls. The upcoming harvest season, with delicate layers secreted by Akoya oysters in the cold sea, is a time of anticipation. These delicate layers lead to metallic pearls. There are various pearls, from round to baroque, and all are equally cherished by the employees of the pearl cultivation farm. Regardless of their quality, they are pearls nurtured with care, much like one’s own child.

Oh, how I wish I could attend a pearl party.



I am part of a Japanese company with an Akoya pearl farm. Apart from the company, I personally run an Akoya pearl shop. I would appreciate it if I could share smiles with various people through pearls.

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