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Exquisite Akoya Pearl Bracelets: Handpicked and Matched Perfectly

I handle Akoya pearls daily, and sometimes pearls are excluded from necklaces based on customer orders. Various reasons such as adjusting length, less brilliance, darker color, blemishes, or irregular shapes can lead to pearls being set aside. Over time, these excluded pearls accumulate in significant numbers.

Today, I sorted through these accumulated pearls. I first categorized them by white and blue. Then, I separated those with extreme baroque shapes from those that were closer to a round shape. I repeated this process until I had a group of pearls that were relatively round. Next, I sorted these groups by color.

This time, I was able to create groups of pearls for three bracelets. Ideally, I would also need to match the pearls by luster and nacre thickness. It’s possible that these pearls, originally from the same lot, have been reassembled through this sorting process.

For your reference, my sorting method is based on the pearl selection process at pearl farms. The sorting methods used by pearl processing companies may differ from mine. Of course, sorting methods vary slightly depending on the person. In any case, I love sorting pearls.

I planned to go to bed early today, but what started as a simple search for round pearls among the excess ones turned into a full sorting session. In the end, it seems there were no round pearls among the surplus.

Until next time.

Best regards.

The title was created by Chat-Gpt4. It’s a bit of an exaggeration after all.lol



I am part of a Japanese company with an Akoya pearl farm. Apart from the company, I personally run an Akoya pearl shop. I would appreciate it if I could share smiles with various people through pearls.

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