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Akoya studs
Akoya studs

Akoya studs

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Akoya 9mm studs, K18 Gold fittings, not gold plated, seawater pearl, natural white color, not dyed, from Japão.

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90% of the Akoya pearls sold in the market are artificially added with a red dye with a slight redness. This is common and quite normal. For humans, it’s makeup.

This 9mm pearl has no artificial red tint added. It’s natural color. It’s pure white, so it looks like snow.

No wounds, but a small white dot behind one pearl.
It’s a place they can never see once you put it on your ear.

These white dots are secreted when the Akoya oyster is weakened. When you see this, let’s think, “Ah, this pearl oyster got weak for a while, but it recovered. I’ll do my best too.”

If the Akoya oyster becomes weaker, the whole pearl will be covered with a white film. Such pearls fall into the category of inferior goods. We pearl farmers call it “rash”.

Such bruised pearls are pearls that are recovered when the Akoya oysters are cleaned during the non-harvest season, from May to November. It is called “cleaning pearl”.

Before the pearl oyster dies, the pearl oyster produces a white fluid rather than mother-of-pearl. It envelops the whole pearl and becomes mat white.

The darker the white film, the earlier the pearl oyster died.

This time it doesn’t seem to match the product description. But it is one of the most important pieces of knowledge.

These earrings have a natural color, but they also feature a reddish tint. It is a precious pearl that has a reddish tint without adding dye. However, it is slightly reddish. The brightness is not the highest, but it is in the high class category.

I somewhat underestimate my product. This is to avoid misleading customers. Different people have different definitions of rank. Some people are satisfied with saving $100, while others are worried about saving $1 million. I try to be as fair as possible in my evaluations. But it’s not absolute. So it’s a little underestimated.

It’s not good if the real thing is worse than the photo, but if the real thing is better than the photo, everyone can be happy.

I’m not saying this is the best way of thinking, but I think it’s the best so far.

In fact, it is better to see the real thing when choosing pearls.

I would like to explain the product properly without forgetting this.