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AKoya Bracelet
AKoya Bracelet

AKoya Bracelet

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All-knots finished blue pearls with yellow thread. The pearls have some wounds but appear to have an above average deep blue tint. As you can see, the pearl shape is a unique baroque shape. It is an attractive blue pearl that looks deep blue-green or has a reddish tint. The color of the all-knots thread is yellow this time, but the impression of the bracelet changes considerably depending on the color of this thread. The clasp is a clip type, so it is very easy to put on and take off. The length of this bracelet is 18.5 cm. My wrist is 15 cm and it fits perfectly. I can’t wear it if it’s 5mm shorter. Please refer to these. The length can be remade at your request free of charge.

Today is October 18th. It seems that autumn has finally arrived. It’s a little hot in the daytime, but it’s getting colder in the evening. Fireworks are going up well at the port near my house recently. I thought fireworks were only in summer, but fireworks festivals are held even in October.
Unfortunately, the harbor where fireworks festivals are often held is just out of sight from my house. If I had known in advance that fireworks would be held, I would have gone to see them, but unfortunately.
The moment the fireworks start, I can only hear the sound. I will check the details of the fireworks display on Twitter soon. As a result, most fireworks only last about 10 minutes. As expected, I can’t go to the venue in 10 minutes.
However, the sound alone conveys the atmosphere of the fireworks, so I’m content with that.

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