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Premium Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings – Top Quality Pair, 5.6-5.7mm
Premium Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings – Top Quality Pair, 5.6-5.7mm

Premium Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings – Top Quality Pair, 5.6-5.7mm


Akoya studs, 5.6-5.7mm pair, seawater pearls, K14 white gold fittings, round high luster, smooth face from Japan

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These are Akoya pearl earrings.
The pearls used in these earrings are the same as those used in the following earrings. Please refer to these links for more information:

– [Earring 1] – [Earring 2] – [Earring 3] – [Earring 4] – [Earring 5]

These pearls come from the same lot of 250 pearls.
I sorted them into higher and lower quality categories.
Then, I further sorted the higher quality pearls into upper and lower ranks.
The pairs created from the highest rank group are these pearls.
The production process is recorded on YouTube.
You can see the differences in pearl luster and nacre thickness through the video.
It is a bit long, but please watch it when you have time.
Comparing the pearls makes it easier to understand the quality differences.

By the way, the pearls used in these earrings are the “a” pair featured in the video.

“How I make a pearl pair | Flower Jem”

Many pearl sellers highlight the good points of their products, but this may not always be helpful for consumers.
I also tend to view my products favorably, like any proud parent.
Therefore, I thought that showing the pearls from the selection stage might be more beneficial for customers.
Buying pearls through a monitor carries risks.
I hope to reduce those risks as much as possible.
While profit is important, I want to continue exploring ways to run a trustworthy store.
Of course, I want to enjoy the process as well.

May you find the perfect pearls for you.

This product description is a direct quote from what I wrote on Etsy.com.

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