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Akoya studs
Akoya studs

Akoya studs


Akoya 3.5mm size seawater pearl studs earrings, silver 925 flower motif fittings, fine luster from Japan.

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This is a small Akoya pearl earrings. I came across these pearls just the other day. I purchase most of the pearls I deal with from the company I work for. Since this company owns pearl farms, I can source pearls directly from the farms. However, I buy the findings, such as clasps and hooks, from a nearby findings shop.

The city where my company is located is known as the ‘Pearl City,’ and as a result, there are numerous pearl companies as well as findings shops. Recently, I went to my usual findings shop to make a purchase. While waiting for the transaction to complete, I noticed these pearls in the showcase. Currently, in Japan, there has been a prolonged trend of high pearl prices and a shortage of pearls (as of September 2023). Consequently, my company has been dealing with a very limited pearl inventory.

In such a situation, I found pearls at the findings shop. Upon inquiry, I learned that these pearls are from over 40 years ago and had been on display in the shop for a long time. I had simply not noticed their presence before. The pearls were purchased during the era of the shop’s owner’s father. They come in sizes of 3.5mm, 4mm, and 5mm, with no more than a hundred of each size in stock.

Typically, pearl retailers purchase pearls in large lots, even for making pearl earrings, you would need around 100 pairs, or at least 50 pairs. However, the pearl inventory at this findings shop is so small that it remained unsold for decades because no pearl retailer would buy such a limited quantity. That’s where I stumbled upon them. While I do engage in the pearl business, to be honest, I don’t sell a lot. So, having 50 or 100 is more than sufficient for my needs. Furthermore, the owner of the findings shop told me, ‘You’re probably the only one who will buy them, so feel free to purchase as few as one or two. There’s no rush; they’ll likely remain unsold for a long time. Buy them at your own pace.’ It’s a fantastic deal for me.

This year, pearls are scarce and expensive. Finding pearls like this during such a time is incredibly fortunate. Moreover, since these pearls are from the past, they are of excellent quality. They shine as if they were harvested just last year. There’s a reason for this. Currently, pearl cultivation periods are one or two years. However, about 40 years ago, it used to be two to four years. Consequently, many of those pearls have well-formed and thick nacre layers. Pearls with thick, robust nacre layers hardly undergo any deterioration. Even pearls harvested just last year can deteriorate quickly if they have thin and poorly formed nacre layers. Some pearls even develop cracks during the process of drilling holes. I can easily identify such pearls just by touch; they have a subtle presence. Pearls with well-formed nacre layers exude a strong and vibrant aura.

So, I acquired these lovely pearls through this unique series of events, and I’ve made stud earrings with them. I also have other designs featuring these pearls, such as flower-themed pieces and items with silver findings. I’m delighted to have found these pearls, and I’ve created several pieces with them. Please take a look at my other pearl earrings as well.

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