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Akoya Studs
Akoya Studs

Akoya Studs


A beautiful blue-green pearl with a smooth surface. There are some irregularities, but the quality is generally good. The selling point is the glossiness that makes it look wet.  ※20% off the sale price on Etsy.com as a store opening sale. It is scheduled for the end of October.

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Akoya 7.5-8.0mm natural color K18 gold studs, not dyed, from Japan, seawater pearl.

The surface smoothness of this pearl is excellent. Despite this, the price is low because the shape is not round. Pearls are more expensive just because they are round in shape.

Personally, I believe that the essence of a pearl lies in its brilliance and nacre thickness rather than its shape.

Even a round pearl loses its appeal if its brilliance is cloudy. However, even if the shape is a little baroque, if the brilliance is strong, it can be said that it is a pearl as a jewel.

By the way, this green-like blue color is a natural color, but such colors are also found in Akoya pearls. I also like blue, but I think this kind of color is also attractive.