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Akoya Pearl Dangling Earrings – K18 Gold, 5.6-5.7mm, High Luster
Akoya Pearl Dangling Earrings – K18 Gold, 5.6-5.7mm, High Luster

Akoya Pearl Dangling Earrings – K18 Gold, 5.6-5.7mm, High Luster


Akoya moving earring, seawater pearl, K18 gold fittings, not gold filled, not gold plated, 5.6-5.7mm size, high luster from Japan

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These are Akoya pearl dangling earrings.
It is rare for Flower Jem to have round pearls. They have strong luster and a smooth surface.
Their swaying motion is adorable.

The making of these earrings is documented on YouTube.
Today is June 1, 2024, and I recently purchased these pearls from a trusted pearl company.
I bought 250 pearls.
I first sort these pearls into high-quality and low-quality groups. The selection criterion is the strength of the luster.
Specifically, I exclude pearls with weak luster.
After dividing them into higher and lower ranks, I further sort the higher rank for the strongest luster pearls.
I also exclude pearls with wounds.
The process is simple but involves repeatedly going through these steps.
You can see the difference between pearls with strong and weak luster in the YouTube video.
One of my customers mentioned they could understand the difference in luster through the video, so I believe it is effective for assessing pearls.

It’s easier to judge the quality of a pearl by comparing it with other pearls rather than evaluating it alone.

When I was a student, I played tennis. I was the captain of the tennis club.
In the club, I was considered a skilled player, but in big tournaments, I was just a minor competitor.
Pearls are similar in that their quality depends on their environment.
This is a harsh reality.

However, this pearl will never be a minor competitor in any big tournament.
It will surely perform wonderfully.

But, at the same time, pearls have no winners or losers.
They are like friends.
When the weather is good, pearls shine brightly; when the weather is bad, they stay calm.
When you are sad, the gentle glow of the pearl will soothe you.
When you are happy, the gentle glow of the pearl will share your joy.
Pearls always look at you kindly.
With more than 2,000 layers of nacre, they feel like a deep affection.

I will stop writing such emotional descriptions.
In Japan, June is known as the month of pearls. I am not sure about other countries.

The pearl industry created this to draw more attention to pearls.
However, it doesn’t seem to be very well-established.

In Japan, pearls are often seen as accessories for formal occasions.
Therefore, many people buy a formal pearl necklace as part of their life’s preparations.

I want people to enjoy pearls more casually, so I don’t deal with pearls for formal occasions.
Moreover, I find more true pearl enthusiasts on Etsy than in Japan.
That is why, although I am Japanese, I primarily sell overseas.
Japan has a population of a little over 100 million, but there are many more people in the world.

In Japan, very few people know about Etsy.
Most online shopping is done on Amazon, and Japanese companies like Rakuten or eBay, where a friend of mine works, are not very popular in my circle.
I learned about Etsy from one of my customers.

This customer connected with my company, which led to our relationship.
They are extremely fond of pearls but have physical disabilities that prevent them from visiting my company.
I had just gotten my 400cc motorcycle license, so I rode my motorcycle to their home.
It was about a 250-kilometer trip each way, taking about six hours on the back roads.
The customer was very impressed with the pearls I brought.
We talked a lot about pearls.
During this conversation, the customer introduced me to Etsy.
“If you love pearls so much, why not sell them on Etsy?”

After that, I learned about all-knot pearls and started selling pearls individually.

It’s very enjoyable to share the story of pearls with people who love them.
I hope you continue to support me.

Additionally, the making of these earrings is documented on YouTube. The video covers the selection process from a lot of 250 pearls. The “C” pair in the video corresponds to these earrings. Please check it out!

YouTube “How I make a pearl pair | Flower Jem”

In Japan, June is known as the month of pearls. Let’s think of the Akoya oysters, which slowly build up their layers of nacre in the sea.

Thank you, and see you again!

This product description is a direct quote from what I wrote on Etsy.com.


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