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Akoya necklace
Akoya necklace

Akoya necklace


Akoya necklace, 7-8mm, all-knots, natural color, not toned, not dyed, high luster, baroque, seawater pearl, silver clasp, from Japan.

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This is an Akoya pearl necklace. The pearls on this necklace shine brightly, and the surface is very smooth. Although the pearls are not strongly pink, the overall necklace appears pink due to the pink thread. If you want to know more about the quality of the necklace, please watch this video.

The video captures the process of me creating the necklace at All-knot, both with and without the light from a desk lamp, allowing you to check the quality of the pearls to some extent. You can also observe my clumsiness in the video.

When making a necklace at All-knots, two threads are first passed through all the pearls. On the return trip, knots are created between each pearl. At this point, each pearl has four threads passing through it. When the knots are made all the way to the end of the necklace, the threads loop back. The last three pearls have a total of six threads passing through them, and they are securely tied to complete the necklace. The usual hole size for pearls is 0.7mm, but it is impossible to pass six threads through this size. Therefore, when making a necklace with All-knot, the holes of the last three pearls need to be enlarged from 0.7mm to 0.9mm. It seems I forgot to enlarge the hole when making this pink-thread necklace. After meticulously creating knots for about 50 minutes, I struggled to pass the thread through the last pearl’s hole at the very end. After about 10 minutes of trying, I gave up. I have experienced such failures frequently, so I’m not too shocked. The more failures, the stronger my immunity to them, and I quickly recover, which is an advantage. The video captures me diligently making the necklace and failing at the very end. However, the main point of the video is to confirm the quality of the pearls. I believe these pearls are of high quality. Please check the video.

As of December 20, 2023, I am currently away from home, visiting an island with a pearl cultivation site for the sorting process after pearl harvesting. The pearls harvested this season seem to lack distinctive features. Although they are cultured in the same Akoya oysters, each oyster has unique characteristics. Some oysters secrete the pearl layer well, some tend to produce pearls with color, and others create elegant pearls despite weak pearl layer secretion. However, this season’s pearls seem uniformly round and elegant, with neither exceptional luster nor many baroque pearls or colored pearls. The overall impression is of pearls with a moderate and consistent pearl layer. The director of the pearl cultivation site doesn’t seem dissatisfied or overly satisfied with these pearls; however, the current high market value of pearls likely diminishes the significance of their performance. Amidst this, I continue the daily work of pearl sorting. Work ends at 5 p.m., and after returning to the hotel, I spend my time typing on the keyboard and making necklaces. The hotel is quite old-fashioned, almost traditional, or one might say, a bit run-down. The island where the pearl cultivation site is located has a population of just under 30,000, making it a quiet rural area. There is only one restaurant around my hotel, which closes at 9 p.m. Besides that, there is only a coin laundry. It’s a very quiet environment, making it a favorable condition for work.

This necklace, made with all-knot, is crafted in the birthplace of these pearls. It’s easy to forget that Christmas is approaching while being on this island. I often receive notifications from Etsy.com suggesting, “Here’s how to sell during the Christmas sale!” I might consider participating in such seasonal events next year. Well then, happy shopping!

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