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Akoya necklace
Akoya necklace

Akoya necklace


Akoya 8-9mm natural blue nacklace, 50cm, clip-type sterling silver clasp, not dyed, from Japan.  ※20% off the sale price on Etsy.com as a store opening sale. It is scheduled for the end of October.

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A blue baroque pearl necklace with a nice redness and rainbow color. It is all-knot with blue thread.
The metallic surface is evidence of a thick nacre. It’s a good pearl with a strong shine.The closer the shape of a pearl is to a round, the higher the price.
So baroque pearls are cheaper than round pearls.
I will invest the cheaper amount in pearls with thick nacre, so to speak.
Then, baroque pearls with thick nacre will be more attractive than round pearls with thin nacre.
Of course, the brilliance of the surface is also important.
Even with clean water, if the depth is 1 cm, there is no depth, so it is difficult for people to move their hearts.
Even if it is a little muddy, if the water depth is as high as 100m, it may look creepy or you may want to look into it, and the depth will stir up various imaginations for people. It may be a kind of charm.
Round and thick nacre pearls are very expensive.
We have various expenses such as loans, taxes, toilet paper, food, gasoline, books, entertainment expenses, electricity bills, smartphone bills and so on. Pearls are not directly necessary for life. Therefore, it is good if there are good pearls and desired pearls within the allowable range. Many people may be dissatisfied with their partner, but there are some good points. If you have the perfect partner, it will be difficult for you to be worth it. I love my partner, but I hate this habit of my partner. This is common. The important thing is what you like, what you don’t, and what you don’t, but it’s acceptable.
I serve customers at the company I work for, but “I don’t know if pearls are good for rounds, right?” Many people say that. They don’t even know if they like pearls.
“Everyone doesn’t know if it’s a round when they’re a little farther away. What you can see when you’re away is the brilliance of pearls.” l tell them.
Customers will discover their tastes, saying, “Still, the round is good,” “Baroque is fine,” and “It’s good to shine.” It’s expensive, so you don’t have to buy it right away. If it sells out, you may be lucky that you don’t have to buy expensive ones.
It may be better to think about the values ​​of self-confidence for pearls once in a while. “I like formal things,” “I like wild things,” “I like what everyone admits,” “I don’t care if I like it,” and so on. You may. The pearls you choose in this way can be called your alter ego.
Looking at my pearl, I said, “Well, even if there are a few wounds, even if the shape is strange, you are shining!”
Everyone may be busy, but if you look back at your self-confidence, you will end up being more kind to others.

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