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Akoya Necklace
Akoya Necklace

Akoya Necklace

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Akoya Necklace, 9mm size seawater baroque pearls, 49cm/19.29 inch, natural blue color, not dyed, silver 925 clasp, from Japan

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Large baroque pearl necklace. A very voluminous, lustrous pearl with plenty of nacre.
Besides blue, there are also blue pearls that are also pink. There are more than a few wounds. It looks like a little rustic baroque.
It’s a moderate baroque pearl, so it might be nice to wear it casually. The brilliance is quite good.
All-knotted with blue thread. This is one of my favorite arrangements as well.

This pearl has a fairly thick nacre. Thickness of 0.8-1.0 or more is available. Since I know the size of the nucleus, I also know the thickness of the nacre.

Personally, I like this large 9mm size and the moderate baroque pearls. So I kept this Strand without selling it for a long time. However, I can’t use it myself, and I can’t even collect it, so I decided to sell it.

However, if this remains unsold for a long time, I plan to own it.

Well, today is January 9th, 2023. I have been at the pearl farm since January 5th and have been sorting the pearls every day. Last month, I was on a business trip for about two weeks. I’m starting to get tired.

Since last year, I have become presbyopia. And I’m nearsighted too. So, I remove myopia glasses that I use every day at the time of sorting. When I sort pearls, I can’t see them, so I bring my face close to them. If I keep my glasses on, my pearls blur.

That’s why I hurt my neck.
After coming home in the evening, I practice the guitar for three hours, and the posture of practicing may also have a bad effect on my neck. After that practice, I make pearl products.

I do those routines until about 1am every day. Updates on Twitter and Instagram are also required. I also need to update my own website, but it’s hard for me to make time for that. I need to make sure I get enough sleep, but there is no Wi-Fi at this business trip destination.

The company housing I live in doesn’t last more than 3 months a year, so the monthly Wi-Fi contract is wasted.

The other day, I applied for a monthly Wi-Fi rental. Originally, I could apply to the company and have them cover the cost, but I hesitate to do so.

why? It’s because I’m Japanese. Just kidding, I personally use Wi-Fi, so it’s a liability for my company to pay for it.

I’m the type of person who thinks it’s better to pay for $50 a month out of my own pocket than to pay attention to the company.

These stresses may be one of the forces that push me forward.

Sorting pearls during the day is fun for me. Not just beautiful pearls. It’s still fun though. But the conversations of my superiors who are by my side are very painful to me. It’s all about rumors and TV stories about other farms. If I am interested in someone else, I will ask them directly. Rumors and rumors are vague. People interpret information from other people in their own way.

Also, I believe that what I do is more important than what other people do, so I shouldn’t waste time gossiping about other people. Or if it’s a fun conversation with only humor, I’d like to participate too.

And if they are bosses, decisiveness and judgment are essential. They don’t have enough of them as bosses. I would like to tell them to get rid of the TV and read books, but that is difficult for regular employees.

I’m such a helpless person at work, but here on Etsy, I’m free. No one complains to me even if I write daily complaints in the product description rather than the pearl description. It’s just that fewer people buy my products.

Here, I want to expose my true self and my pearls and meet people who like them.

The other day, a Singaporean I met on Etsy came to Japan, and I met her. It was like reuniting with an old friend of hers from long ago. I want to be involved with various people through pearls. So I want to exist here without dressing up.

Pearl sorting tomorrow. I will be working for about 40 days straight. This may be Japanese.

Thank you!

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