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Akoya necklace
Akoya necklace

Akoya necklace


Akoya seawater 8.0-8.5mm necklace, the length 46cm or 80cm, natural blue color pearl, not dyed, cultured pearl from Japan, silver925 chain.

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This is an Akoya pearl necklace, and it’s somewhat unique among my shop’s necklaces because it features a silver chain. These types of chains have become quite popular recently. Personally, I’ve been making and wearing my own Akoya pearl bracelet, and I recently added a similar chain to it. I’ve received compliments from various people, and initially, I had planned to create a necklace with both Akoya pearls and a silver chain layered together.

However, during a recent dinner with one of my wholesale customers, I had the opportunity to see a necklace they had recently made. It was this encounter that gave me a hint, or rather, I decided to replicate their necklace. Of course, I informed that person, saying, “Your necklace is absolutely lovely and functional. It can be worn as a double-layered necklace or as a single long one. I’m going to replicate this.” This necklace can be worn either as a double layer, which is approximately 46 centimeters, or as a single long necklace of about 80 centimeters, as shown in the product photos.

Regarding the quality of the pearls, they are of excellent quality. The nacre is quite thick, and although they have a baroque shape, the surface is smooth. The blue overtone is on the lighter side. I’ve also added K14 white gold mirror balls, one for every four pearls. While these mirror balls themselves may not be very prominent, I like the subtle glimmer they provide from time to time.

By the way, the process of creating this necklace is available on YouTube (https://youtu.be/1vrJX6NJ8gc). The video captures a 1-hour and 25-minute journey of crafting the necklace, although I have trimmed it a bit for brevity. I hope you find it a helpful resource to check the quality of the pearls and more.

Additionally, on Flower Jem’s YouTube channel, you’ll find various videos related to pearls, jewelry making, glimpses of my personal travels, casual scenes of Japan, and even videos of my shop’s mascot, Lulu, the dog working at my family’s store. While these videos are posted without a particular intention, I started my YouTube channel to provide insight into the life of someone dealing with pearls at Flower Jem. Pearls are an integral part of my life, so it feels natural to share other aspects of my life as well.

I’ve just begun, but over the next few years, I intend to make it even better. You don’t need to purchase pearls from my shop, but as someone involved in pearl cultivation, I do sell pearls. So, if people seeking pearls can learn about such shops and the individuals behind them, I’d be pleased. Where and from whom you buy pearls is your decision. Personally, I find enjoyment in buying products directly from the shop, even if I could get them online in two days. It’s about creating memories, like buying a product when it’s raining or interacting with the person who sold it to you, that adds a certain charm to the item.

Others might see it as “inconvenient,” but for me, it adds a human touch and attachment to the purchase. While I say I enjoy buying things in person, I also sell pearls online, and in response, I suppose I want the other party to know the process before and after, as well as the story behind the pearls I’m selling. I’ve started to find it challenging to express what I truly want to say, so I’ll conclude here. I hope you find the products you’re looking for on Etsy.com.

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