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Akoya Earrings
Akoya Earrings

Akoya Earrings

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Akoya studs earrings, 7-8mm seawater pearls, natural blue colour, not dyed, 18K gold fittings

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Akoya pearl stud earrings. You can see a faint pink color in the middle of blue and green.

The pair of earrings I make may be a little different in color, but for this earring they are about the same color.
The shine is a little weak and the surface is not shiny, but the warm and soft shine is attractive. Again, this is probably due to the thickness of the nacre. Very attractive earrings. It has a gentle atmosphere. Now I’m on a business trip to harvest pearls. Therefore, it will be shipped after the middle of February.
In Japan, today was a holiday called Coming-of-Age Day. It’s a day to celebrate 20 years old. (This article was written in January 2022.) From this year, Japanese law will change, and adults in Japan will change from 20 to 18 years old.
However, alcohol and cigarettes are still from 20 years old.
The right to vote is granted to the age of 18, and the criminal law applies from the age of 18.
Therefore, some people say that there are not many benefits.
Many Japanese are not interested in elections. It doesn’t matter who wins, and maybe because Japan is peaceful in the first place.
Anyway, congratulations to the grown-up young people.
In Japan this year, legally, young people aged 18 to 20 will grow up all at once. Something is strange.
When young people get the right to vote, there may be some changes between the parties favored by the older generation and the parties favored by the younger generation.
Japan’s average income has not risen for more than 30 years. It seems that average income is rising in many countries. So, for example, the iPhone. The price of iPhone is rising steadily for Japanese people. However, I hear that the list price does not change depending on the country. It seems that the salary is rising.
I think that the Bank of Japan will solve the problem if it prints more and more money, and there are people who have been complaining like that for a long time. However, the Bank of Japan does not stubbornly reprint money. I’ve been doing a lot of research for many years, but I don’t know the cause.
If I knew it, I would love to know it.

I have sorted a lot of pearls today as well.
The quality of pearls is not known until the shell is opened. It’s very bad for the heart. If it’s a good pearl, it’s happy, and if it’s bad, the company collapses. I am very careful not to gamble with nature and grow shellfish. One cannot win nature.
It may be important to follow nature.

※December 31, 2022

Again this year, in December and January, I will go to an island with a pearl farm between Japan and South Korea for pearl harvesting. Therefore, the shipping work of the product will be after February 2022.