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Akoya Earrings
Akoya Earrings

Akoya Earrings

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Akoya and Silver-lip oyster studs, K14 White Gold fittings, natural blue color, not dyed, 9mm size, sewater baroque pearl from Japan.

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These earrings are like vegetables before harvest. It looks like an eggplant with the calyx still attached. Akoya pearls are blue pearls with a metallic sheen and a hint of red.

The shape of the pearl is a unique baroque as shown in the picture. You know, Akoya pearls have not only a round shape, but also various baroque shapes, just like the potatoes we see in the field.
In general, many people think that pearls are round. I think those of you who have come here may not think so.

Approximately 40% of 100 oysters that are nucleated will die by the time they are harvested.
Of the 60 surviving Akoya oyster pearls, only 5% cannot be commercialized. The remaining 20% are real rounds. Others are slightly round or baroque.

Even if the shape and quality are different, each one is a pearl that has been carefully nurtured by people. There are also pearls with a thick nacreous layer and a beautiful luster, like these earrings, even if they have an irregular shape.

For this pearl, I happened to make the motif of the calyx with a sliver-lip oyster and put it over the pearl to make it look like a vegetable. Seeing this made me reconfirm that pearls are also something that nature creates, just like vegetables. With this in mind, I want everyone to feel these things.

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