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AKoya Bracelet
AKoya Bracelet

AKoya Bracelet

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Akoya bracelet, natural blue color, not dyed, length : 18.5cm, Size 7.2-7.6mm seawater pearls, sterling silver clasp, from Japan.

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This bracelet has a beautiful gradation from high luster dark blue to light blue. The pearls in this bracelet are rare among my products and have almost no wounds, and the shape of the pearls is almost round. The half pearls used in this bracelet are very high quality pearls. The shine is very strong and the surface is fairly smooth. These pearls were what I was going to use as earrings. However, each pair of pearls could not be found. So, I arranged those pearls in order, dark and light, to make a bracelet. I couldn’t find a partner for these pearls because of their good quality, but by becoming a bracelet, I was able to surround myself with many friends. The luster is very strong and the surface is smooth, so I wanted it for personal use, but the round pearl bracelet doesn’t seem to suit men very well. I think that many people who visit my shop like baroque pearls. I think so because I only sell baroque pearls. In that sense, nearly round pearls like this bracelet are rare.

Today is November 20th. It’s been a long time since I made a product. During the summer, due to physical and mental health issues, the pace of making products slowed down considerably.
Recently, I started to practice metal engraving and brazing. For that reason, the time to make products was reduced again. Once or twice a week, I ask specialists for their opinions on metal engraving and brazing. I was fortunate enough to meet people who had specialized knowledge of metal engraving and brazing among the people I met through pearls. As soon as I became interested in them, their existence became clear. And what used to be just a business relationship has developed into a friendship-like relationship. We often hear that the environment changes when we start something new, but I was able to experience it again. Also, I am planning to polish Akoya shellfish and commercialize it. Invited by people in the natural stone industry, I became interested in natural stones, which developed into the challenge of engraving and brazing. It also led to the use of Akoya shells. The reason why I started to open a shop on Etsy is that I wanted everyone to know the cuteness of All-knot like this bracelet. Personally, I think that I am able to connect and challenge various things in a very natural flow. Thanks to that, I am able to share not only pearls with people from various countries, but also the wonderful scenery and culture where each customer lives, even though it is only photos. The pearl harvest will start next month. I can’t ship the products during that time, but I’d like to practice metal engraving and brazing at night. The pearl farm is an isolated island between Japan and Korea. It’s been an important time to look back on the year. Because I will be canned far from home.