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Akoya Necklace
Akoya Necklace

Akoya Necklace


Akoya seawater pearl necklace, 8-9mm, 46.5cm, natural color, not dyed, silver 925 clasp, made in Japan, all-knot with blue thread.

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This is a natural-color Akoya pearl necklace without any dye. Born in the seas of Japan, these pearls are 8mm in size. The necklace measures 46.5 centimeters in length. The clip-type clasp allows you to fasten it anywhere along the necklace, giving you the freedom to enjoy it at your preferred length. The pearls exhibit a range of small, medium, and large blemishes, but these become inconspicuous when you take a step back. While their luster isn’t overpowering, it’s gentle and elegantly radiant.

As baroque pearls, they boast irregular shapes that symbolize nature’s uniqueness. Different shapes of pearls each foster a sense of attachment over time. Additionally, this necklace is strung with all-knots. With the availability of sturdy threads nowadays, there’s no absolute need to knot each pearl for security. However, in the past, when necklaces were strung on delicate silk threads prone to breaking, the all-knot technique was employed. Deliberately using colored threads and the all-knot approach, I genuinely appreciate how a necklace that traditionally exudes a formal aura can transform into something vibrant and casual. It’s this sentiment that brings me here.

While the pearl quality might not be of the highest tier, it comes at an accessible price. In 2023, Akoya pearl prices have nearly doubled from before. Nevertheless, since these pearls were harvested previously, they remain unaffected by the price surge. I invite you to try this casual and lively Akoya pearl necklace that’s meant to be enjoyed with ease. The pearl’s surface might be slightly textured, with visible blemishes, but it’s a charming necklace with a soft gleam and a lovely hint of blue.

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