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Akoya Baby Earrings
Akoya Baby Earrings

Akoya Baby Earrings


Baby pearl earrings, akoya seawater studs, 3-4mm natural blue color, not dyed, 18K gold studs

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Small baby pearl earrings. It has a beautiful luster in deep blue. It is an attractive blue with redness. It’s baroque, not round.
I think it’s good for everyday use because it’s baroque.
The more you use it, the more you will become attached to it and you will love it very much.

A classmate has recently changed jobs. It seems that it is a company that consults various domestic and foreign products.
One of them is a machine that measures the height of the ground by mounting a surveying instrument on the drone.

It is said that it will survey the large-scale landslides that occurred in Japan before, the devastated land of Ukraine, the seabed of the Dead Sea, and so on.
It is cutting-edge and useful to people.

The surveyor was made by a Japanese company, but they don’t speak English and have no sales department, so the company where their classmates work seems to cooperate.

She also cooperates with a company that makes bags using kimono fabric, which is a traditional Japanese clothing. They were very popular in Dubai.

I will give my classmates pearl earrings and other gifts so that she can wear them when she goes to various countries to appeal to her.

Anyway, I can’t wait to hear her story the other day, which is very exciting and looking forward to the future.

※Added December 31, 2022
This year, in December and January, I will go on a business trip to a pearl farm located between Korea and Japan, which is more than 500 kilometers away from my home for pearl harvesting. Therefore, the shipping work of the product will be after February 2023.