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Akoya Bracelet.
Akoya Bracelet.

Akoya Bracelet.


Akoya 8-9mm size bracelet, natural deep blue, not dyed, all-knots with gray thread, sterling siver clasp, from Japan.

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A blue Akoya pearl bracelet. Some Akoya pearls have a natural bluish tint like this. The bracelet is all-knotted with gray thread. The shape of the pearl is not round, but it has a strong luster. Because of the nacre thickness, it has a metallic hard feel. If you look closely at the bracelet up close to the pearl, you can see some wounds. However, due to the deep blue color and brilliance of this pearl, it has a three-dimensional presence when worn on the wrist. It shines so well that it looks like it’s floating.

By the way, why are some Akoya pearls blue in color? In order to make Akoya pearls, the core of the pearl is inserted into the Akoya oyster from April to December every year. About 800 per person per day.

Pearl harvesting takes place between December and January each year. Harvested Akoya oysters are harvested according to the month in which the nucleus was inserted. In other words, lots can be created for May, for October, and so on.
Looking at the pearls harvested by month, every lot contains blue pearls. However, blue pearls are overwhelmingly found in September and October.
Akoya oysters are sensitive to summer heat. It is said that they are exhausted during the hot summer, and that fatigue appears in September and October.
However, it is basically unknown why blue pearls are formed. It is true that many blue pearls can be seen in September and October, so I think there is some hint there. Personally, I prefer pearls to have a mystical mystery. But if anyone knows, please let me know.