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Akoya necklace
Akoya necklace

Akoya necklace


Akoya 7.0-7.5mm white and pink Necklace, natural color, not dyed. Sterling silver clasp from Japan. 16.5 inch, 42cm.

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A small Akoya pearl necklace. The color is neither too pink nor too white. Shine is about 78 out of 100 points. In general, I think it’s an A rank.

Summer is about to pass in Japan. The ridiculously hot days are about to end. However, the cicadas are singing as if to say, “There’s still more!”

Today is September 2, 2022. I was recovering a bit, so I didn’t make many new products. However, it was made by receiving orders from customers. I am very grateful.

I ride a motorcycle, but it’s a YAMAHA junk bike that was released 43 years ago, so it broke down in the heat of the summer just like me.

I’m not good at slipping between cars on a motorcycle, both in terms of manners and safety. However, the motorcycle overheated when I was stuck in a traffic jam on a hot summer day and was traveling at the same speed as walking for about an hour. That seems to have broken it. As for the heat, I seem to be a little more tolerant.

Whether it’s a motorcycle or a pearl, I don’t want to use it in a bad manner. When I wear pearl jewelry, being rude or raising my voice is not appropriate for pearls. Of course, it doesn’t matter if I don’t wear pearls.

There are various types of motorcycles, but I think that the rider ultimately decides the value of the motorcycle.

I think that discreet driving that blends into the traffic is cool. In a race like MOTO GP, you have to stand out. I want to keep driving safe.