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Akoya Cuffs
Akoya Cuffs

Akoya Cuffs


Akoya cuffs, seawater pearl, 9mm size, sterling silver, not dyed, natural color from Japan.

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Akoya cufflinks. In Japan, I don’t see many people wearing cufflinks. Ever since I started working for a pearl company, I’ve been wanting to wear some kind of pearl product, so I’ve been making and wearing these cufflinks.

I’ve been wearing cufflinks like this for about 6 years now and the pearls are intact. I have a lot of desk work every day, so my cufflinks are always touching my desk. But pearls seem to be tough.

The cufflinks are rare, and the cufflinks with pearls are rare, so many people often say, “The cufflinks are cute.” I don’t wear cuffs to show off to anyone, but they do stand out. Of course I don’t feel bad.

I often lose my belongings. Handkerchiefs are especially often lost.

Ballpoint pens are to salaried workers what guns are to soldiers, but I often lose them. But the cufflinks haven’t gone missing in six years.

Now I’m even confident that these cufflinks will never leave me.

I also have a tie pin with this set. However, I haven’t seen him for about half a year, so I thought, “Finally, I’ve lost my tie clip.”

However, when I was sorting out the refrigerator yesterday, I found a tiepin in the refrigerator. It’s a complete mystery.

However, it seems that the tiepin does not want to leave me either.

After that, I decided to list my cufflinks on Etsy. For me, these cufflinks are very memorable. This is the first pearl product I wore after joining a pearl company. My cufflink pearls are 8mm, but this is a good 9mm pearl. Wearing this will make you feel a little better. Sometimes the pearls on the cuffs stick out or pull back from the sleeves, which is cute.

Gifts are nice, but personally, I want men to get them for themselves.

Why? If you lose it, the person who gave you the gift will be sad and you will be shocked.

This is half a joke. Even I, who often lose things, haven’t lost anything in 6 years. I’m more interested in how many people use cufflinks.

Also, I will go on a business trip for the pearl harvest from December 7th. I can’t ship until the end of the year.

If you want to buy something this year, please let me know by December 3rd.
I will be sorting pearls every day from December 7th until around Christmas, without holidays.

I’m 43 years old, and I’ve had presbyopia since last year. I wear glasses because I am short-sighted, but I take them off during sorting. It’s inconvenient to put on and take off glasses, but it can’t be helped because I have presbyopia.
I used to think that it was cool for people with presbyopia to shift their glasses and then look at things in front of them. When I get presbyopia, it’s just a hassle. Some people develop presbyopia after the age of 50, but my family seems to develop presbyopia around the age of 40.

Again, it’s just irrelevant talk. Recently, I have received many inquiries from many people. “I want a necklace like this,” “Is there such a pearl?” I’m really happy with those exchanges. Even without orders, those exchanges are really fun.

Some of you may be thinking, “Isn’t it because you don’t have any friends?” I have friends too. However, I think it would be fun to exchange conversations centered on pearls, which I like.

The day before yesterday, a wholesale customer came to the company where I work. There weren’t many pearls to sell, but I told them a little bit about pearl farming. They had studied pearls themselves, but had never heard of pearl farming. They were very happy. I was happy too.

These things are similar to how you feel when you hear about your friend’s parents. Even long-term friends may have no information about their parents. But by chance, when I hear stories about their parents, I feel a greater sense of familiarity and intimacy.
I want everyone to know not only the pearls, but also the background and the environment in which each pearl was raised.
Best Regards,
Flower Jem

Added on November 30, 2022
After listing my cufflinks the other day, I wondered why I didn’t include a tie clip in my set. So I made a tie clip today. Of course the price will be higher. But I have another question. Some people have added this item to their cart. From their point of view, they may feel, “Why are tiepins being added without permission and the price going up?”

I was reluctant to raise the price arbitrarily. It’s December from tomorrow. Among the orders I received recently, there is an order for a Christmas present.

That’s it! Make a tie clip a Christmas present! have become.

I will ask Santa Claus to sell this item by Christmas. I am the one who prays for Christmas presents to sell, and Santa is the one who fulfills and delivers them.

Santa Claus, are you listening?

※Added January 1st, 2023
This year, in December and January, I will go on a business trip to a pearl farm located between Korea and Japan, which is more than 500 kilometers away from my home for pearl harvesting. Therefore, the shipping work of the product will be after February 2023.