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Akoya bracelet
Akoya bracelet

Akoya bracelet


Akoya Deep Blue Bracelet, Natural color, not dyed, 8-9mm size, Baroque shapes, silver925 clip-type clasp, fine luster, 19.5cm, from Japan.

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This bracelet is the epitome of DEEP BLUE, with an abundant layer of pearls, each uniquely shaped in a baroque fashion. The blue hue is completely natural, with no enhancements whatsoever. The pearls I handle tend to have relatively thick nacre layers, but these pearls stand out with exceptionally thick nacre. The thick nacre layer gives these blue pearls a color reminiscent of “eggplant,” appearing like a deep purple. Regardless of lighting or any other factor, this profound blue remains steadfast. The substantial nacre layer lends an undeniable sense of weight and grandeur, making me truly regard it as a gemstone. I must admit my personal bias towards pearls with such thick nacre layers; I don’t mind if it doesn’t sell because, in that case, it will become part of my personal collection.

For reference, if I were to set a price based on this year’s pearl market, it would be around $758. However, these pearls are from the previous year, so I’ve priced them according to last year’s market rates. The pearl market is exceptionally high this year (2023). I’ve significantly reduced my pearl procurement activities and have delved into jewelry crafting instead. Currently, I can only create simple rings, but I aspire to craft exquisite jewelry in about five years.

Before I joined the company that owns the pearl farms I work at, I had no interest in gemstones whatsoever. However, after working there for about a decade, I have developed a deep love for pearls. While one may grow to dislike their superiors when working closely with them, I find that I want to stay with pearls forever. The employees at the pearl farms have embraced pearls as a part of their lives more than merely liking or disliking them. They often comment on the thickness of the nacre layer, whether at work or when they encounter pearls outside of the workplace. Perhaps the thickness of the nacre layer is more critical for pearls than one might think. Of course, shape and luster matter to them as well.

By the way, for those who work at pearl farms, “baroque pearls” are considered failures. Just having someone look at baroque pearls makes them reflect on the embarrassment of producing such pearls. While baroque pearls are popular in the market, their perception is slowly changing among the employees. Nevertheless, they say, “We work hard every day to produce perfectly round pearls. It’s a complex feeling when baroque pearls receive positive feedback.” It’s interesting how different perspectives and evaluations of baroque pearls exist based on one’s position. To the people at the pearl farm, this baroque pearl bracelet might be considered a failure, but from a retail perspective, it’s an exquisite pearl.

So, what’s your evaluation?

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