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Akoya Bracelet
Akoya Bracelet

Akoya Bracelet

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Akoya & K14 white gold mirror ball bracelet, 8-9mm natural seawater pearl blue, not dyed, high metallic luster and smooth surface, from Japan.


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A transparent sky blue Akoya pearl and 14K white gold bracelet.

Since the clasp is a clip type, it is quite easy to wear. I’ve tried nearly a dozen different fasteners in the past, and this one is number one. There is also an opinion that it is better to be a little smaller. But all things considered, I personally find this to be very easy to use, and as a result, I’ll be using the bracelet for a long time. Of course, I can also replace the clasp with the one you want.

This pearl is also very good. A little blue is shallow, but it has a metallic luster. I feel that it is a smart beauty type pearl. I have the impression that this Akoya grew up in a venerable home that makes me think that this upbringing is different from mine.

I just wore this bracelet for a photo shoot and it made me feel a little more classy.

At first glance, blue is shallow and lacks assertiveness, but it has no wounds, a gentle baroque, and an elegant luster.

Is this the type of beauty who doesn’t stand out at school or at work, but is respected by everyone?

I admire people like this. I’m an attention-seeker, and I’m a rude person.

Although it is light blue, there is also a reddish taste, and it is a really elegant Akoya.

Most of the pearls I sell on etsy are blue. However, I once again felt that there are various blues. The shade of blue, the intensity of the brilliance, the gentleness and intensity of the baroque, and the combinations of these seem to create many different personalities.

This applies not only to pearl oysters, but also to humans, dogs, and flowers.

When choosing this strand of pearls, I chose it with a certain important customer of mine.

The person who gave me many orders over and over again.
That person had a request for “a pearl like sky blue”. The person chose this from among many strands through a smartphone.

Once again, I feel that the connoisseur of the person is wonderful.

This gentle and understated color may be good for those who are a little tired and want to be healed.

I am currently having a very troublesome time at the company I work for, being sandwiched between executives.

I’m a little exhausted, so looking at these gentle pearls seems to heal me.

It seems to me that I am being told that you don’t have to be humble and stand out, that you should keep yourself steady and take your time.

Pearls, of course, have no such power. It’s just what I think. But in my head it doesn’t matter how I perceive the pearl.
If I think it is, it is there.
This is a Zen way of thinking.

However, zazen meditation is difficult. The problem is that I can’t make even a few minutes of Zen time.
I must continue to practice quickly.

Today is December 6th. Tomorrow I meet my Etsy customer and friend for the first time. She appeared as a customer soon after I started Etsy.

I never thought we would have such a long relationship.
This Etsy time of mine is like being with that person.

I’m really looking forward to meeting her, but I’m not good at English. This is mostly thanks to Google Translate.

I think I can speak a little bit, but anyway, I want to enjoy my time with that person.

This is the place for the product description, but I’m digressing again.

I really think I need to study more about marketing. However, if I think about it now, I won’t be able to move forward, so I’m going to write what I want to write anyway.

There are too many digressions in this article. My favorite novelist “Ryotaro Shiba” was also a person who derailed the story anyway.
He and I have the same birthday.

There is no end, so I’m going to end it.

Merry Christmas to all of you who read this far.
Thank you.

(This description was written on Etsy.com.)


2nd January 2023    Again this year, in December and January, I will go to an island with a pearl farm between Japan and South Korea for pearl harvesting. Therefore, the shipping work of the product will be after February 2023.