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Akoya Pearl Bracelet with Wire and Mirror Balls
Akoya Pearl Bracelet with Wire and Mirror Balls

Akoya Pearl Bracelet with Wire and Mirror Balls


Akoya bracelet, 3.5-4.0mm, seawater pearls, K14 white gold mirror ball, sterling silver clasp, elegant jewelry, from Japan.

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**Akoya Pearl Bracelet**

Today (June 8, 2024), I visited my business partner’s pearl shop. There, they showed me many recommended pearls. Starting the day after tomorrow (June 10, 2024), a large-scale pearl exhibition will be held in Kobe, Japan. The pearl shop I visited today will also be exhibiting there. The owner told me he wanted me to see the pearls before they were sold at the exhibition.

Since I cannot attend the exhibition due to other work commitments, I was very happy to have this opportunity.

I purchased several 7mm necklaces and these cute pearls. I personally love these pearls, so I made this bracelet on the same day I acquired them, which is quite rare for me.

By the way, I visited the pearl shop in the morning and stayed there from about 10 to 11 a.m. During that time, the owner told me, “A necklace broke. I can’t make necklaces, so I’d like to ask you for help.”

In the evening, when I returned to deliver the repaired necklace, I showed him the newly made bracelet. He smiled and said, “It’s cute.” I was able to spend a delightful time like this.

After visiting the pearl shop in the morning, I rode my motorcycle for about 20 minutes to the famous Suma Beach in Kobe. It was a very nice day with no humidity, so I wanted to enjoy a ride on my motorcycle. When I arrived at the beach, the sounds of cheers, microphone performances, and music from the dolphin show at the recently opened Suma Aquarium echoed across the beach. The beach used to be very quiet before the aquarium opened. I felt happy about the lively atmosphere but also nostalgic for the quiet beach.

Afterward, I rode my motorcycle back home. I went to buy bread for lunch. However, the motorcycle parking lot was full, so I gave up on my preferred bakery.

Previously, I parked my 400cc motorcycle in a parking lot restricted to 50cc bikes and got a ticket. Since then, I have been very strict about traffic rules. By the way, the ticket was issued by a contractor hired by the police, commonly known as “green bugs” because of their green uniforms. When I told a police officer in town about this a few days after getting the ticket, he said, “Really?? I wouldn’t have issued a ticket for that. It’s strict. The green bugs were right, but you were just unlucky.”

Anyway, I bought bread at another bakery, ate it at home, and started making this bracelet. I initially wanted to make it all-knotted with thread, but after many trials and errors, I gave up on that idea.

However, I am very pleased with the bracelet I made with wire and mirror balls. It looks like it can be worn and enjoyed on any occasion.

Well, that’s up to you to decide.

By the way, I was so engrossed in photographing pearls last night that I didn’t get enough sleep. I intended to wrap up my pearl activities early tonight.

However, I received a call from a pearl shop owner who occasionally calls. She was drunk and kept repeating the same story for about two hours. I like her, but I was sleepy and eager to post this bracelet on Etsy.

As a result, it is now 12:20 a.m. I haven’t had dinner yet. When I get absorbed in something, I often postpone eating and sleeping. Working with pearls is fun; it’s work but doesn’t feel like work.

Now I am very sleepy. So, I am writing today’s diary in the product description section.

When I shop, I care a lot about the quality of the product, but I also care about who I buy it from. I don’t want to buy from someone I don’t get along with, even if I want the product. However, sometimes I buy things I don’t need from people I like.

Some people might read this product description and think, “What? This isn’t a product description.” But some might think, “This person is interesting.”

Pearls are not a necessity of life. They are meant to be enjoyed. We also enjoy the feeling of pearls being beautiful and wonderful.

In that sense, I hope you can feel the joy from this article. It might seem like a bit of a stretch, but that’s really how I feel.

By the way, the length of the bracelet can be adjusted for free. I think I am very flexible in accommodating requests.

Many people apologize when placing an order with me, saying, “I’m sorry to trouble you.” But in reality, I don’t feel that way at all. I am happy to hear any opinions or requests.

See you again!