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Akoya necklace
Akoya necklace

Akoya necklace

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Akoya necklace, 8.0-8.5mm seawater pearls, natural blue, not dyed, All-knot with blue thread, fine luster, thick nacre, from Japan.

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In early 2023, the market for Akoya pearls has been surging. This necklace, acquired amidst the soaring market prices, features Akoya pearls that have become remarkably more expensive compared to a few years ago. However, when I saw the deep blue hue and intense luster of these pearls, I felt compelled to obtain them, regardless of the market trends. Following my instinct, I crafted a necklace using my usual technique of All-knot with blue thread. Despite the baroque shape of the pearls, they possess a rich blue color and strong brilliance. In terms of quality, any pearl connoisseur would likely say, ‘Yes, these are excellent pearls.

It is currently December 18, 2023, and I am on a business trip to the island where the pearl cultivation farm is located. The pearl harvesting has begun, and I have come to the island for the sorting process. In one month, the auction for the harvested pearls will commence. The market for Akoya pearls still seems to be on the rise, but the outcome of the auction remains uncertain until it starts. Pearls harvested daily from the pearl farm are being collected.

If you are interested, a video of the newly harvested pearls is available on Flower Jem’s Youtube. Please take a look.

In my daily routine, I engage in the meticulous process of pearl selection. Work concludes as the day fades, and I return to a slightly quaint, small hotel in the rural town. The hotel, with an atmosphere reminiscent of thirty years ago, provides a comforting setting. In the hallway corner, there is a vending machine where you can purchase beverages, including coffee. Given the cold winter weather in Japan, warm drinks have been in high demand. Unfortunately, the warm beverages were sold out when I attempted to buy coffee recently. I check the vending machine daily, but there seems to be no sign of the warm drinks being restocked.

Next to the vending machine, there is a small refrigerator about 1.2 meters tall. It has a sign that reads, ‘Beer is chilled. Please leave the beer payment in the box on top of the refrigerator.’ I was impressed by this old-fashioned and trust-based vending method. With a sense of admiration, I thought, ‘Alright, let’s buy a beer,’ and opened the refrigerator. To my surprise, it was empty. I quietly closed the refrigerator door and returned to my room.

I have brought a coffee maker from home. Despite the somewhat unfriendly disposition of the vending machine and refrigerator, it poses no problem for me. In this charming old hotel, I spend my nights facing pearls or typing away on my computer. A detailed video of this necklace is available on YouTube. If you are curious, please have a look.