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Akoya Necklace
Akoya Necklace

Akoya Necklace


Akoya necklace, 7-8mm, 49cm, natural white color, NOT TONED, not dyed, baroque shape, all-knot with blue thread, silver925 clasp from Japan.

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It’s an Akoya necklace with baroque-shaped pearls, featuring a strong luster and a thick nacre layer that adds to its charm. This necklace is crafted from a selection of about 200 pearls chosen from a lot of approximately 20,000 pearls I bought in May of this year. After sorting the lot, the pearls were categorized into AA, A, B, and C grades, with 200 pearls in the AA grade and around 560 in the A grade.

For insights into the quality of this necklace, you can refer to the YouTube video:

Additionally, there are time-lapse videos of the necklace’s production and shooting scenes:
[Video 1] [Video 2]

Purchasing pearls online involves significant risks, so I encourage everyone to review the quality of this necklace through these videos. The color of the necklace appears almost silver to the naked eye, with minimal red tones, giving it a snow-like impression. Preferences for such colors may vary among individuals. If there are silver-like pearls shortly harvested, it suggests a very thin nacre layer. Pearls with a thick nacre layer tend to have a color between yellow and cream, which transforms to white or silver through the bleaching process – a standard practice in the pearl industry. The inventor of this bleaching process is considered a significant figure in the pearl industry, akin to Edison.

One of the inventor’s grandsons, around 60 years old, works for a South Sea pearl company near my workplace. We’ve become occasional dining companions over the past year. For reference, a video of freshly harvested pearls in December 2023 is available here:

Moreover, this necklace is crafted using the All-knot method, inspiring me to explore personal pearl sales. Unlike formal-looking necklaces, those knotted with colored threads using the All-knot method are exceptionally cute, in my strong opinion. While personal preferences may vary, I hope those with similar tastes can resonate with the charm of these All-knot necklaces. Of course, I am more than willing to accommodate requests such as converting it into a standard necklace by cutting the threads if desired, as long as the pearl enthusiast is satisfied.

As of December 22, 2023, I’m currently on a business trip to an island with a pearl cultivation farm, and the pearl harvesting process is expected to continue until around December 27. After concluding this trip, I plan to return home by December 28. The year-end holidays seem promising for a visit to my hometown. However, come January 3, I will return to the island for the pearl harvesting and sorting operations, which are likely to extend until early February. This period marks a significant event for pearl farms – the harvest. Most of the harvested pearls will be sold at a closed auction held from January to March. I anticipate a surge in pearl market prices this year. I plan to document the market trends on my website.

While the world may be celebrating Christmas, my days are immersed in pearls from morning to night. Yet, I find happiness in this pearl-filled routine. Wishing you a pleasant shopping experience!

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