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Akoya Necklace
Akoya Necklace

Akoya Necklace

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Akoya necklace, 6.0-6.5mm seawater pearl, natural blue color, not dyed, K14 white gold mirror balls, silver 925 clasp, 55cm from Japan

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Akoya Necklace.

It is a very cute size of 6-6.5mm. Natural blue color of course. There are wounds of course, but very few.

This necklace is lavishly crafted with 14k white gold mirror balls. This is for sale on Etsy.com.

A modest small pearl and a gorgeous mirror ball create a graceful and luxurious atmosphere.

I personally don’t like flashy things. But I have a fascination with sparkling jewels.

I like things that don’t stand out too much and that appeal properly.

It is said that in the past, Japanese people used expensive materials for the lining of their clothes, even if they looked simple.

This necklace doesn’t look that simple, but I hope you get what I mean. Basically, I’m not good at telling analogies.

This necklace is 55 cm long but can be adjusted to any length thanks to the clip clasp.

I find this clasp very useful.

In Japan, it snows on Christmas Day. Once every few years, it snows on Christmas, creating a Christmas atmosphere. I live in the south of Japan. Of course, the northern part of Japan has a lot of snow during the winter.

My brother has a dog. My brother walks the dog for two hours every morning. After my brother finishes walking the dog, he goes to work.

If I was reborn as a dog, I would like my brother to keep me.

A two-hour walk each morning is valuable for many dogs. It’s been snowing a lot in my brother’s town lately, and his dog enjoys his morning walks even more.

Yesterday, during a two-hour walk, his dog ran far away and didn’t come back. He likes playing in the snow so much that he finally decided to extend his time.

My brother spent a lot of time looking for the dog, but gave up looking because it was getting close to work start time. When my brother started his car to go home, his dog came out of nowhere.
Dogs also seem to like snow.

My brother’s dog’s name is Korowan.

“Koro” is a very traditional Japanese name for dogs. “Wan” is an onomatopoeia that Japanese imitate the barking of a dog.

Even from a Japanese perspective, the name “Korowan” is quite special.

By the way, the name of my Etsy poster girl dog is Lulu.
I haven’t paid her a license fee.

However, if you say something to Lulu, something good might happen to you.

※Added December 31, 2022
This year, in December and January, I will go on a business trip to a pearl farm located between Korea and Japan, which is more than 500 kilometers away from my home for pearl harvesting. Therefore, the shipping work of the product will be after February 2023.