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Akoya earrings
Akoya earrings

Akoya earrings

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Akoya earrings, 4mm baby and 7mm seawater pearls, Brass fittings, natural blue, not dyed from Japan.

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Earrings with baby pearl accents. Grown in the sea of Japan, the color and shape are not processed at all. And this earring has another appealing point. That is, I made this brass fitting. With ready-made metal fittings, baby pearls cannot be worn on the front like these earrings. I learned the technique of brazing inexperiencedly, and brazed the core rod so that the baby pearl could be attached at this position.
In Japan, tasteful design can be seen in very high-end jewelry, or as cheap as $10 accessories. However, I hear that many other pearl products have designs that are out of fashion. Companies that produce such metal fittings in Japan are also making efforts, but it seems difficult to mass-produce cutting-edge designs. The reason for this is that young people do not work for such companies, and young people’s opinions are not taken into account in the process of design decisions. When I talk about design not only with the pearl industry but also with people in the diamond, opal, and other natural stone industries, I am often told that the design of metal fittings in the pearl industry in particular is out of fashion. For the above reasons and for the enjoyment of making my own metal fittings, I made metal fittings for the first time this time. I will continue to practice brazing with brass for a while, but I will also try silver and gold. I’m starting to practice little by little so that I can make my own rings. Etsy is little known in Japan, but I hear it is a place to sell handmade works. From now on, I would like to exhibit handmade works in the true sense. And I want to be able to get everyone to say, “This is good” and “This is not good”. As I am still in training, the price of this earring does not include the soldering fee.
Personally, I think the design of this earring is very cute. I’m looking forward to your reaction from now on.