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Elegant Deep Blue Akoya Pearl Brooch
Elegant Deep Blue Akoya Pearl Brooch

Elegant Deep Blue Akoya Pearl Brooch


Akoya Broach, seawater pearl, 7.5-7.8mm, not dyed, natural color, sterling silver broach, high luster and smooth face pearl, made in Japan

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It’s rare for Flower Jem to sell brooches, but we have a special one here. Recently, a friend contacted me about buying a brooch for his mother for Mother’s Day. After consulting with his mother, he chose one of the brooch settings I suggested. This brooch is one of the options I presented to him.

I would love to host events for Mother’s Day and Christmas at this store, but that will take some time. I aim to create products that can be enjoyed universally and daily before moving on to event-specific items. I tend to be out of touch with trends, but I believe that many people can appreciate beautiful things, regardless of personal preferences and values. One of my favorite British artists, Sting, once said, “Art should be universal. If it’s too complex, people won’t understand it.” I hope everyone can find this brooch cute and enjoy the individuality of each pearl.

This brooch features nearly round pearls with a deep blue color and strong luster. These are high-quality, undyed pearls that naturally came in this color from Akoya oysters. It is likely that these pearls were nucleated between September and October. During this time, the oysters, already stressed from the high summer water temperatures, expend even more energy. Tired Akoya oysters tend to produce nacre with such colors. Just like humans, Akoya oysters are vulnerable to heat. When I asked the manager of the pearl farm why these pearls have such color, he said, “It’s probably the result of summer fatigue.” This expression reflects his affection for the Akoya oysters, and I love how he puts it.

The chain included with the brooch is for display purposes, but if you would like to have it, please let me know. It is made of Sterling Silver and manufactured in China.

Thank you, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.