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Akoya bracelet
Akoya bracelet

Akoya bracelet


Akoya bracelet, 7-8mm round seawater pearls, gradation color, not dyed, natural color, K18 White gold mirror balls, 21cm from Japan.

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A truly beautiful bracelet has been completed. I feel its beauty deeply.

Earlier, I shot a video. While Etsy only requires a 10-second video, I found myself filming for 8 minutes, completely entranced by this bracelet.

These pearls were originally meant for earrings. However, without pairs for each pearl, they spent a long time in solitude. Despite their loneliness, they exuded such beauty and intelligence that their days seemed elegant.

I’ve been admiring these pearls regularly, but couldn’t find an easy way to use them due to their extraordinary beauty.

Over the course of 1 to 2 years, more high-quality pearls gathered. One day, as I idly rolled them, I stumbled upon an arrangement that created a beautiful gradient.

Since these pearls were of such high quality, I decided to make a bracelet for personal use. When it was finished, I tried it on my wrist. It seemed too noble and beautiful for me.

Reluctantly, I decided to showcase it on Etsy. If there’s someone who could appreciate these noble and somewhat haughty pearls, please reach out.

Normally, I wear a baroque pearl bracelet, but a bracelet with round pearls carries a certain tension. It’s very cool.

And if I may say so myself, the gradient arrangement is luxurious. It would be impossible to replicate this bracelet in multiple pieces. If one were to attempt it, pearls would need to be extracted from several necklaces to create something similar. That would come with a considerable cost.

It’s a bracelet with the elegance of a classic beauty. The 18-carat white gold subtly shines, too.

If I had a wife, I might secretly wear it while she sleeps, enjoying her peaceful face alongside the beauty of the bracelet. But alas, I do not.

I made a silly joke, but as a product description, I want to say: These pearls are beautiful.

Now, it’s March 1st.

I’m a salaryman working for a company that owns a pearl farm in Akoya. For about 3 months each year, for the past decade, I’ve been sorting pearls on an island between Korea and Japan, where our pearl farm is located. That life ends tomorrow. I’m leaving the company to pursue a different career path. However, I plan to continue running Flower Jem.

At the pearl company, I couldn’t engage in activities like those at this store. Despite having ample opportunity to interact with pearls and Akoya oysters, those activities were restrained by the company. I’ve grown to love pearls, so even after leaving the company, I’ll continue this endeavor. I’ll maintain the same relationship with the managers of the pearl farms. Therefore, I’ll continue spreading the allure of pearls through Etsy and Flower-Jem.com.

My tenure at the company ends tomorrow after 10 years, but I don’t feel particularly moved by it. However, today, my tear ducts seem loose. Is my heart feeling something, or is it just allergies?

In the midst of all this, my colleagues celebrated my new beginning with a cake. The president, who constantly opposed me, is absent as he’s in Hong Kong for an exhibition. I’m grateful for the considerate president.

I, who made this beautiful bracelet, am such a person. I hope you can understand not just the pearls, but also me.

My goal is to be told, “I want to buy pearls from that person.” I’m still inexperienced, but I have lofty goals, and I want to stand tall to achieve them.


Excerpt from product description on Etsy.com